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What if you could get a divorce with less stress, less drama, and less fighting, and still get a result that is fair to you and your kids? If that sounds appealing, Collaborative divorce may be for you.

Grant L. Stratton is one of only a handful of attorneys in Southern Arizona who is certified in the collaborative divorce process; a process designed to save money and create lasting deals that don't come back to court for litigation year after year like many contested divorces do.

What is a collaborative divorce?

What is a collaborative divorce?

In a collaborative divorce, the parties agree to settle out of court before anyone even files a lawsuit. The process is completely confidential, and can be more cost-effective than a contested divorce. In the most cost-effective model, the parties agree that wherever possible, they will use one neutral expert, rather than their separate attorneys, to collect information, research, and propose possible settlement options, rather than having two attorneys independently create separate plans. Throughout the process, each party's attorney is available to provide legal advice and opinions both independently to the divorcing spouses, and to the team as a whole as necessary.

In addition to each party's attorney, a typical collaborative team includes a collaborative coach, (usually someone trained in counseling or therapy), who helps the parties create a plan for sharing custody of their children, and helps them learn how to communicate positively and effectively with one another about children's issues after divorce. It may also include a financial expert, who helps the parties calculate the value of their assets, understand the tax consequences of dividing assets in certain ways, and helps them determine the financial effects on both parties of child support or spousal maintenance (alimony) payments.

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